Man Who Telegraphed Dutch Repatriation Says U.S. Gold Gone. GLD goud?


KWN: Man Who Telegraphed Dutch Repatriation Says U.S. Gold Gone

First, here is just a small portion of how Egon von Greyerz telegraphed today’s stunning news to his subscribers on October 23rd, nearly one month before today’s public disclosure about the Dutch repatriation:

“We have heard from one very reliable source that repatriation of gold is secretly taking place at this moment from the USA to Europe. This is October 2014!

The information contains details about transported quantities by one of the global security firms being much higher than usual, as well as country of destination.

The mere fact that this repatriation of gold appears to be happening in secret confirms what wealth preservation investors have always known, namely that Gold should be held under direct control of the owner. That is the only proof that the gold actually exists.”

Man holt sich die letzten Reste aus den USA.

[18:50] KWN: China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

[18:45] Die ZBs sind jetzt Nettokäufer: The Reverse Of Central Bank Gold Flows Spells The Death Of The Dollar

SD: Was GLD Gold Moved To The Dutch Central Bank?

In a move that is much more significant and relevant than the Chinese interest rate cut news, it was revealed that Netherland’s Central Bank repatriated 120 tonnes of gold this year. The move was accounted for as a transfer of gold from the NY Fed to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).
I say “accounted for” because I believe it is highly likely that the physical transfer took place from the GLD custodial vaults to the DNB.

Die Fed hat also kein Gold mehr, also hat die DNB es sich am Markt besorgt – hier aus dem ETF GLD.WE.

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