Sehr bald geht das ganze System hoch.


Iedere manipulatie kent zijn grenzen.

Die Wissenden holen jetzt alles raus: Massive Gold Withdrawals Rock The COMEX

[8:40] Sprout: Worst Shortage In Precious Metals In A Decade

Sehr bald geht das ganze System hoch.

Turk/KWN: The Remarkable Chart Every Gold & Silver Investor Must See

Turk: “The chart below is an incredibly interesting one, Eric. You do see a solid rise in the gold price each time gold goes into backwardation. The other thing that’s interesting to me is that gold has not been this deep into backwardation ever….

“This just illustrates how tight the physical market is here in London. What the chart below is showing is that the gold forward rate is negative.

So a powerful rally is to be expected because the only way you are going to get a normal interest rate is if the gold price rises. So people have to be enticed to part with their gold for a fiat currency and the only way that is going to happen is with a mucy higher gold price.

Silberfan: Alles ist für den Tag X vorbereitet, wann kommt er?

Lange kann man das nicht mehr durchhalten, aber man wird den Goldpreis bis zum Tag-X des Systemabbruchs sicher unten halten.WE.

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