Ex-Chefvolkswirt der Deutschen Bank fordert Systemwechsel. Dus Gulden/DM terug.


 Thomas Mayer als neuer Crash-Prophet? Ex-Chefvolkswirt der Deutschen Bank fordert Systemwechsel

[10:30] SD: Jim Willie: The Economic ENDGAME Has Arrived

In this MUST LISTEN interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie explains why gold & silver futures prices were smashed over the past 2 weeks, advising that the Economic ENDGAME HAS ARRIVED, and systemic failure is DEAD AHEAD.

Willie breaks down the logical conclusion to the rejection of the US dollar, and discusses how the soon to arrive Gold Trade Standard will impact the global banking system.

Es dauert jetzt nicht mehr lange.

[10:30] KWN: Richard Russell – Endless Propaganda & A Horrifying Endgame

I happen to agree with economists John Williams and Gary Shilling that we’re still embedded in the “Great Recession.” When the real facts about the economy finally emerge, I think it will be a great shock to investors. And that may be what the stock market is trying to tell us.

I continue to suspect that we may be in the beginning of a primary bear market. If it is a bear market, I suspect that it will be about the end of fiat money.”

Ja, wenn jetzt der Absturz kommt, ist das Ende von Papiergeld und Sozialismus auch da.WE.

[8:30] Markus Gärtner: Die “sichersten Kapitalmärkte aller Zeiten” beginnen uns zu verschlingen

Wenn alle glauben, nichts kann passieren, kommt der Absturz.

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