Ga niet naar grote steden op 9/11. Elf vliegtuigen gestolen.


Grappig dat er precies elf vliegtuigen zijn gestolen. Om vervolgens op 11 steden neer te dalen?

Nicht nur in den USA: BREAKING!!!! ISIS TO ATTACK ON 9/11/2014!!!!

We all knew it was coming…we just didn’t know what or when. Here is a leak by Fox News saying that ISIS has planned to attack the USA on none other than… 9/11/2014. That day is historical to us all. That day led us to where we stand now. Where will it lead us if another attack happens on that day again? There are a lot of worries being voiced across the board from Chuck Hagel to Rick Perry saying that the next 9/11 is imminent! Did they actually mean the exact date of 9/11? Well according to this Fox News leak they did!

Es gibt symbolisch keinen besseren Tag dafür. Laut Kurier (siehe AT-Seite) werden die in Libyen gestohlenen Flugzeuge schon für ihre Terror-Flüge ausgerüstet. Auch einige europäische Städte werden solche Flieger abbekommen.WE.

[15:20] Leserkommentar: Auf der 2127news – Seite sind folgende Leserkommentare interessant:

1. Not long ago I was on one of the military bases and jokingly asked the gate guard if any nukes have spotted sneaking across the filthy borders here in SoCal, and SURPRISE! He said yes! Only said one had been detected in a big truck. Nothing else. That’s it. So, where this thing is, God only knows. Folks, get thee to your favorite church, chapel, synagogue or mosque, and make peace with our heavenly father. Time is running out.

2. Know what’s happening on the Benghazi anniversary of 9/12? Clooney’s wedding…in England. Know who was invited? Obama. If he goes, that means he’ll leave early…probably the 10th or 11th. Either way it not only absolves him from having to participate in any 9/11/Benghazi remembrance events, it also allows him to “celebrate” with Muslims…pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, future Mrs. Clooney is lawyer to a Muslim Brotherhood member Muslims.

Wir warten auf die Spektakel und die Enthüllungen über Obama.

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