Alleen voor Crash-fielen geschikt nieuws.

.Übersetzung: Staatsschuldendebakel & Liquiditätskrise: Europäischer Bankencrash wird immer wahrscheinlicher

[9:45] Crash-Vorbereitung in der Welt: “Grafik des Untergangs” prophezeit Börsen-Crash

Eine derzeit kursierende Grafik zeigt beängstigende Parallelen zwischen dem Crash von 1929 und heute. Folgt die Börse dem “Chart of Doom”, wird sie sich 2014 halbieren. Anlageberater sind entsetzt.

George Soros ist selbst massiv short – das ist ein wichtiges Indiz.

[13:45] Passt dazu: US-Starinvestor wettet auf Börsen-Absturz

[8:15] KWN: US Moving In Disastrous Direction That Ensures Total Collapse

Embry: “My greatest fear is this whole Ponzi scheme coming unwound. Honestly, I wish I were wrong about this because the world has been a pretty good place for anyone who grew up in North America after World War II. Under the worst circumstances you will see social unrest, and that would be a really, really unpleasant situation. I sincerely hope that doesn’t come to pass, but the numbers will only lead us in a catastrophic direction.”

Embry added: “People need to be extremely careful here with their money because I have repeatedly warned that the world is going to witness a historic transfer of wealth when this thing finally blows up. I will tell you, Eric, that my own personal money is invested 100% in hard assets. I own physical gold, silver, gold and silver shares, oil shares, real estate, and collectibles. Those people who are sort of hanging in traditional paper assets are going to take a terrible beating, and those who are invested in hard assets will not only maintain their wealth but most likely will enhance it.”

Der Crash kann und wird kommen.

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