Europese Badbank voor slechte leningen en goede landen staan garant?


Europese Badbank en goede landen mogen garant staan.

 DWN: Draghi will faule Kredite von Banken aufkaufen

Die EZB plant den Kauf von Kreditpaketen als Maßnahme gegen die Deflation. In den Portfolios der Banken sammeln sich viele „faule” Kredite von Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Durch gezielte Ankäufe solcher „bank loans” könne die EZB „den Markt wieder in Gang bringen”, so Draghi.

Die EZB als Bad Bank. So faul ist der Euro.WE.

Da kommt etwas – US: 30 Day T-Bills Go Negative: Something Ominous is Coming

A big institutional fund or very wealthy investor pays for a T-bill because they they see something which indicates that the risk of the Government defaulting in the next four weeks is less than the risk of parking that money in a bank or a money market fund. We’re talking millions and tens of millions in short term money. Bank deposits are insured only up to a small amount. After 2008, it has been decided that money market funds will no longer be bailed out by the Government/Fed.

Man rechnet offenbar mit Banken-Crashes in naher Zukunft.WE.

[8:15] KWN: Richard Russell – Stocks To Crash As U.S. Lies To Its People

Over the past weeks I have instructed subscribers to stay on the sidelines and watch history unfold. My advice is to stay out of this bear market and hold only gold bullion and a limited supply of US dollars. I think we are watching history in the making, and it is far better to watch it than to be part of it.

I think inflation of the daily items that the middle class depends on is really running near 10%. I think the Fed’s and the US government’s efforts to defame gold have been a disaster. While the Fed and the US are bad-mouthing gold and driving it lower, their anti-gold campaign has been a boon for China. While the US denigrates gold, China, which understands gold, is accumulating all it can. I think that the US does not have the gold that it pretends to have.

Bald bricht alles zusammen.

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  1. Frank zegt:

    Is dit een website voor Duitsers of voor Nederlanders? Aangezien de meeste berichte allemaal in het Duits worden gepost ga ik uit van het eerste. Het is volgens mij wel een Nederlander die de berichten plaatst. Waarom dan allemaal in het Duits? Hij heeft zeker geen zin om het te vertalen haha.

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