Don’t worry about de gold hype. It isn’t.


KWN: West Is Close To Destroying Paper Gold Scheme & The Comex

The East is has an absolutely voracious appetite for gold at these levels.  And by the West continuing the suppression, at prices that are preposterous, they are rapidly accelerating the day when the West won’t be able to make delivery.

So we are optimistic that in Q1, and possibly as early as January, we are going to see a turn.  Keep in mind that, as I mentioned to you earlier, we will most lilkely see a violent move in gold once the turn occurs.  KWN readers also have to understand that one of the possible consequences for the West continuing with this paper gold price suppression scheme include the possible end of the Comex as we know it.  The rigged casino will simply close its doors and the players will go home.”

Ja, sehr bald wird kein Gold mehr da sein, das man ausliefern könnte. Dass der Tag-X bereits im Januar kommen könnte, ist durchaus möglich.WE.

[08:00] JPM’s Quiet Scramble To Refill Its Gold Vault

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