Ook big believers geven op.


John Embry, KWN: Get Ready For A Worldwide Depression & Historic Social Unrest

Embry added:  “People who have been big believers in gold and silver have been giving up recently.  The only thing I can say in response to that is this is the best opportunity to buy this stuff in history.  Don’t give in because this is what the central planners want you to do.  Central planners in the West want people to throw in the towel because they want your metal.

Er hat es verstanden: bestimmte Gruppen wollen, dass niemand ausser ihnen Gold besitzt. Damit sich niemand vor dem Untergang der Papierwerte retten kann. So funktioniert das “Neue Goldverbot”, rein über Massenpsychologie.WE.

James Turk Interview, KWN: Metals War Rages & Today’s Plunge In Gold & Silver

What we do know is that the attempt to shake out physical metal by driving the price lower is a suicidal strategy.  It increases the demand for physical metal more than the weight of metal sold on to the market.  We know that to be the case because of the drawdowns of visible inventories of the ETFs and on the Comex.  These inventories would be increasing if the strategy of central planners was working.  The metals are therefore poised and ready for a huge short covering rally.

Sicher diese diese massive Preisdrückung eine Selbstmordstrategie des Kartells. Was Turk nicht weiss oder nicht sehen will: es geht um die zukünftige Macht nach dem Tag-X: niemand ausser bestimmten Insidern soll dann Gold haben.WE.

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