Manipuleren heeft toch een keerzijde.


Goede uitleg over prijsdrukken van goud.

Het lijkt of er geen directe nadelen zijn voor de onderdrukker, maar dat is niet waar. Ze moeten steeds meer fictief geld en goud ophoesten.

Lang komen de oplichters ermee weg, maar eens vallen ze door de mand. Wiskundig en rekentechnisch ga je een keer voor de bijl.

KWN: Maguire – Big Banks In Trouble As Major LBMA Default Nears

Neu 2013-11-01:

On the heels of continued volatility in the gold and silver markets, today the man who three weeks ago correctly predicted gold would surge above $1,300, is now warning King World News that the LBMA is now moving closer to a major “default.”  London metals trader Andrew Maguire also spoke with KWN about what the big banks so incredibly worried at this point.  Below is what Maguire had to say in this tremendous and timely interview.

 Maguire:  “People will ask me, ‘With such strong physical demand, how can the price (of gold) be going down?’  The answer is simple.  Physical gold is completely unleveraged.  Synthetic Comex supply is not gold at all, it’s just fake supply, and it temporarily overwhelms the underlying (true physical) demand. 


It’s pretty easy to do if you are the Fed.  The Fed has a complete visibility into the (trading) ‘book,’ and knows exactly how much synthetic gold to dump into the market at any time to overcome the ‘bid stack,’ and ignite the algorithm-driven momentum follow through selling.  It’s their (the Fed’s) game….

“It allows the two primary bullion bank operatives to front-run, on inside information, for their own book too.  And when a single entity instantly dumps, like after the FOMC (Meeting), over 35 tons of synthetic gold into the market, it’s giving the algorithm-driven market a temporary ability to overwhelm any unleveraged physical demand.


This is the last vestiges of the tail wagging the dog, though, as each time they do this physical buyers take the spot price.  They (then) step up into the (London) fix demanding to convert these paper purchases into real bullion.  Speaking of London, Eric, the physical market is where the rubber actually meets the road.


Converting so much paper gold into bullion is stressing out (the existing) between 90 – 1 and 100 – 1 leverage of available supplies.  This was never, ever anticipated to happen (by the bullion banks or the Fed).  The bulk of all LBMA bank accounts are held in unallocated form.  It’s amazing how few institutions even realize this.


That includes billions (of dollars) of pension fund holdings.  What amazes me, Eric, is when speaking to these (pension fund) managers they actually believe they have access to the physical (gold), or (that) they can convert these holdings into allocated form on demand.  That could not be further from the truth. 

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