Was tun, wenn der Crash kommt -Bill Holter: What Will You Do?

First, we will probably see a week or two (maybe not in succession) where gold trades up $200-$300 bringing us back to the $1,700-$1,900 level.  What will you do?

Let’s go another step further, let’s assume (as I do) that this happens and we get news of an exchange failure or default on a Friday afternoon.  Monday morning we have chaos and some exchange doesn’t even open.  We look at other exchanges and see that gold is $2,500 bid, or $4,000 bid or even higher with little to no volume because there are virtually no offers.

Hopefully, and God willing, I will calmly go to the gas station with my cars to fill them up.  Then it will be off to the grocery store to purchase some fresh items that will maybe last a week or so, I will also top off on whatever dry and canned goods that are needed.  In other words, I will be making last minute and final preparations…for a future and unspecified time period of hibernation.

Meldungen über einen Crash/Bankenschliessungen und ein explodierender Goldpreis werden es anzeigen: Autotanks auffüllen, Einkaufen gehen und dann verstecken.

[9:15] Er meint, der Crash kommt im Herbst: Jim Sinclair: 2013 Crisis To Trump 2008

Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert to subscribers over the weekend warning that the fall of 2013 may begin the great banking crisis that the metals community has been anticipating since 2007, and that the US will likely not fully recover from the coming collapse until 2018-2020!

“Historians will certainly consider the 2008 crisis as a warning shot before that of 2013.

End 2013, financial impact: collapse of financial markets especially in the US and Japan. Banks can no longer be saved by the states and BAIL-Ins are put in place!

Lange dauert es nicht mehr.WE.

[8:45] Gefahr Carry Trades: David Stockman Warns Investors “Get Out Of Harm’s Way”

Sobald die Zinsen steigen, müssen diese Carry Traders alles schnellstmöglich raus – Crash.

Mehr dazu: David Stockman – Expect Financial Collapse & Flight To Gold

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