De Goudmarkt bepaalt de toekomst van ons geldsysteem.


Als de goudprijs niet meer gemanipuleerd kan worden is het echte begin van het einde begonnen. Zo simpel is het.

De rest is toneelspel.

 Goldnachfrage explodiert – KWN: Maguire – World Just Witnessed Massive Shift In Physical Gold

Maguire:  “Just off wholesaler calls.  Most are too busy to talk at this time, but today (Thursday) will be the largest volume day this year and possibly 2 years.  Central bank purchases are almost certainly far in excess of paper sales.  We are so close to the marginal cost of production that my contacts are saying the gates are wide open here to purchase all physical that is available….

“Continued paper market supply saw another + 45 tons sold into the rise ahead of Thursday’s fix and then in size directly post the fix.  These were immense amounts of paper gold hitting the market, yet there is absolutely zero physical gold for sale and nothing but buy orders in the wholesale market.

Needless to say we are getting reports of extremely large allocations of gold, but also far larger direct producer deals being struck outside the paper markets.  The one question is, just how long this paper market selling can continue to drive price when such a massive transfer of physical is underway?

Die Zentralbanken und andere räumen gerade den Goldmarkt ab. Vermutlich war die Drückungs-Aktion vom Donnerstag nur dazu da, damit das Kartell aus den eigenen Shorts noch rauskommt, bevor das Kartell untergehen. Also, Zitterer, nicht verzagen, die Durststrecke geht zu Ende.WE.

Harvey Organ: Physical demand skyrockets from the gold smashdown (Andrew Maguire)/Russia adds another 200,000 oz of physical/GLD drops another 5.41 tonnes/JPMorgan’s dealer inventory declines/total comex dealer gold declines as does all comex gold/

Andew Maguire checked with his people and found astronomical purchases of physical metal with the smashdown.  The world knows that the gold is trading at the marginal cost to produce and thus all sovereigns put their bids in for physical gold at the LBMA.

Das Kartell und die Goldpreisdrückung dürften bald Geschichte sein. Denn so viel Gold wie nachgefragt wird, kommt zu diesem Preis gar nicht auf den Markt.

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Een reactie op De Goudmarkt bepaalt de toekomst van ons geldsysteem.

  1. Jim rogers zegt:

    ik adviseer iedereen toch maar wat fysiek goud te kopen. Heb zelf goede ervaringen met

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