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Der Bond-Crash geht weiter: European Bonds Plunge Most In 3 Months, Stocks Slump

[6:30] “Wir haben euch gewarnt” – Bill Holter: If A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings in Japan

How about the new disclaimer at the COMEX website?  Why now?  Why while all this other “noise” (it’s not if you are really listening and want to hear what they are saying) is being bandied about?  The COMEX now says, “We can’t be held liable for anything, the numbers may or may not be real, you pay your money you takes your chances.”  This “noise” in reality will be looked at (and actually pointed to) and you will hear “We tried to warn you!”  If you have been actually listening to what they have been saying all along, the whole thing is unsustainable.  I am not talking about what the mainstream tells you because they walk out clown after clown to keep you in place.  If you listen to the actual words that come out OFFICIALLY, they are telling you that game over is being prepared and the plug will be pulled.  If you didn’t listen, hear or understand…oh well then…that’s YOUR fault!

Diese Warnungen sind überall, nicht nur an der COMEX. Die Schafe grasen trotzdem friedlich weiter – bis zur baldigen Schur.WE.

Ein weiterer Artikel von ihm: Bullion Demand Still Unprecedented

LISTEN and analyze what is coming out of the “official mouths” all over the world, if you listen carefully, they are telling you the truth to cover their sorry butts when this thing blows up.  Like I said yesterday, they will throw their arms up in the air and say, “We tried to tell you.”

Ja, die da oben wollen damit ihre eigenen Hintern absichern, wenn das System hochgeht. Es empfiehlt sich, die ganzen Artikel zu lesen.

Futter für Silberbugs: David Morgan: Silver Moving Towards Par With Gold! read!!!

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