Opperdepop; deel 2


 [20:15] Das Smart Money geht in Gold: Independent v. Mainstream News: Informed v. Re-Educated

The action behind the scenes is often the polar opposite of what the mass media reports. Smart money has been executing their heaviest buying in physical gold and silver markets in about 5 years, and in some cases, in more than a decade.
If you desire the truth versus propaganda, you will be in a much better position to understand reality if you turn off your TV, put down the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and start relying on independent and alternative media sources instead.

Die wissen, was jetzt kommt: der Crash der Währungen und Banken. Währenddessen wird das Publikum über die Medien weiter dumm gehalten.WE.

 5 Wochen Wartezeit auf Gold, Egon von Greyerz – KWN: Swiss Refiner Delays Hit 5 Weeks On Massive Gold Demand

KWN readers need to remember that the Swiss refiners refine over 75% of the world’s gold supply.

In the short-term we are seeing massive demand for gold.  It is continuing at very, very high levels.  The US Mint just declared that demand is unprecedented and they have problems getting hold of gold for minting.  Some of our Swiss refiners now have delays of up to a remarkable 5 weeks.

Die Nachfrage ist immer noch enorm und steigt. Nur 400oz Barren werden vom Kartell weiterhin in den Markt geworfen.WE.


[20.15] Die Chinesen kaufen auch Silber: Shanghai Silver Stocks Decline Substantially after Price Take-down

[19:00] Die ZBs kaufen weiter Gold: Having Buyer’s Remorse? Gold Stocks Now Cheaper Than Dirt

Unbeknownst to many investors, central bank buying represents roughly 12% of all gold demand. How they reacted to the April selloff would provide insight into whether this important trend is slowing or growing…

Russia bought 269,000 troy ounces last month.
Kazakhstan added 85,000 ounces.
The Republic of Azerbaijan bought 32,000 ounces. It was the fourth consecutive month of purchases by the former Soviet republic, which had no gold Reserves in December.
Turkey’s central bank bought 586,000 ounces.
Belarus and Greece also bought gold in April, though amounts have not yet been reported.

Altogether, the IMF says of those that have reported thus far, central banks bought almost a million ounces of gold last month.

Das sind nur die offiziellen Käufe, es gibt sicher auch noch viele geheime ZB-Käufe die nicht in die Öffentlichkeit sollen, so etwa bei CN.WE.

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