Bidden voor de bondcrash.


En vloeken voor de nieuwste google app. Een brilletje met camera voor 1200 euro.

Nog even en we krijgen een chip achter het oog. We willen dat uiteindelijk en we kunnen niet zonder; wij technologische hoertjes.

De duivel regeert en de ontmenselijking verrijkt zich tenkoste van de tere menselijke zielen.


Crasht jetzt der Bond-Markt? – Bill Holter: A “Whiff” is all That is Needed

All you need to look at are two markets right now, the Japanese and U.S. Treasury markets.  They have crossed two “round numbers,” 1% and 2% respectively.  This CANNOT continue, rates CANNOT go up…or the entire system will collapse in a heap into one giant black hole of insolvency.  Forget about banks and insurance companies, forget about housing, forget about equity values, forget about the economic ramifications…think “derivatives.”  The “few” trillion of these Treasury securities have a “leech” market attached to them.  This market is at a minimum 100 times the size of the paper market itself and is where the banks trade amongst themselves.  “Someone, somewhere” is going to lose, lose big and go broke…which of course will break the daisy chain of false values and solvency.

Einmal muss es kommen – zusammen mit dem Derivatencrash.WE.

Jim Sinclair: Gold & Silber sind alternativlos

Es wäre schön, DAS einmal aus dem Mund der Madame Alternativlos zu hören.

[13:15] Was bewegt eigentlich den Goldpreis? Teil 4: Der Goldpreis und die expansiv agierenden Notenbanken

[12:45] $134’000/oz – Bill Holter: A Very Good Quote

The amount of “time” between the frantic end days of “thrust #2″ and the beginnings of “thrust #3″ may possibly (probably) blur and become coincident or become “one in the same.”  What I am saying is this, ALL of the makings of an outright buying panic are in place currently.  This buying will occur at the same time that sellers (and probably even including miners themselves) decide “I’m not selling” which will add further stress to the supply and demand situation.

All of the above in “street lingo?”  The bright guys are buying hard right now and taking delivery.  When the “scamsters” are finally found out that they don’t (and probably never did) have the metal, all hell will break loose.  Once this happens, everyone including the biggest dummies around will want to get rid of their cash before it won’t spend anymore.  All of this will happen at the same time that people who already own gold won’t sell it for any price.  …and the $134,000 per ounce part?  I’m not buying it, maybe someone will let go of an ounce at this price to extinguish a past debt but there is far more debt, derivatives and cumulative money supply sloshing around than $134,000 for the ounces that will be available for sale…in my opinion.

Auch dieser Goldpreis ist möglich – wenn das Finanzsystem untergeht. Jetzt jederzeit.WE.

[11:20] Goldpreisprognosen: Wer bietet mehr, wer weniger?

[11:00] Goldpreis: “Die nächste große Kursbewegung geht nach oben”

[08:45] Keith Weiner: What is the Meaning of GLD Gold Outflows?

[08:00] Turk: We Are Witnessing Extraordinary Events In Gold & Silver

Normally the institutions and other big players in the market can get 400-ounce gold bars delivered to them within 2 days after payment, typically called T+2.  These two days enable the seller of gold to make sure he has received good funds because he is converting hard money – physical gold – into soft money, namely, the national currency the seller accepts in payment.  The currency is usually dollars, but sometimes pounds are used.  Soft currencies may be repudiated because banks can reverse wire transfers, which explains the caution the seller requires before releasing the bars.

In the days leading up to the fix, some of the larger orders to buy bars have been moving out to as long as T+5, which is extraordinary.  These orders, typically 3-to-5 tons in size, are normally handled with no problem.  So to see this lengthy delay in delivery – which is very rare – shows how tight the physical market for gold really is.

[9:00] Dieser Artikel muss zitiert und kommentiert werden. Hier zeigt sich, wie der Goldmarkt in London abläuft. Die Lieferzeiten für physisches Gold steigen an.

The hedge funds in particular have been piling on and now have a record short position.  Maybe they foolishly believe that gold’s 5,000-year history as money ends here.  The only thing about to end is the hedge fund short positions as the gold and silver prices look ready to blast off from current levels.  KWN readers should expect a major upside move that will panic these hedge funds out of their short positions.  In other words, the physical market is about to take down the paper traders who are massively overexposed on the short side.”

Lasst die Hedgies mit ihren Shorts untergehen und zwar bald.WE.

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