Morgan Stanley, de nieuwe Lehman Brothers?



De geruchten vermeerderen zich al enige tijd.



Yellowman: Morgan Stanley is going down. Buckle up: read!

Wenn da was dran ist, dann geht wirklich bald eine Neutronenbombe hoch.Auszug Forum:

My uncle is actually one of these advisors at Morgan Stanley. He told me he was leaving because Morgan Stanley is going under. All the advisors are doing it so they can cash out their stock options. They were actually told to do this from the top.


The implosion of Morgan Stanley is near. A Hat Trick Letter subscriber has a friend whose father is a fund manager inside Morgan Stanley. They are all talking about implosion internally at the MS firm. It is to happen soon. The father, along with many colleagues, sold his personal legacy MS stock holdings. They are abandoning ship. Something big is brewing. An internal disaster has also occurred, as the firm made a transition from state of the art technology with their software back to trading software that takes five times longer and is at least 10 years outdated. The move has caused chaos at the trading desks. The Facebook IPO was another disaster. My concern is whether the massive Interest Rate Swap application by Morgan Stanley in early 2011 has had repercussions, like the lead Wall Street giant banks trying to kill off Morgan Stanley, in order to bury the evidence of criminal derivative trading. Recall that a few months ago, Jim Sinclair shared information that over 600 accounting experts and financial analysts were poring over the the books of a major Wall Street firm, trying to determine if they were indeed dead meat. Many surmised it was Morgan Stanley. Perhaps the internal chaos is related. When the Jackass checked with a Central European banker who has shed light in the past, he wrote back, “Morgan Stanley is a small casualty in the coming chain reaction of things to unfold. We shall see Deutsche Bank and Credit Agricole in France each go through failures, taking everything down with it.

Jeder der kann, rennt also von MS weg, so schnell er kann.

So wird nach Aussen über die Abgänge gelogen: A Bunch Of Big Advisers At Morgan Stanley Might Leave The Firm For A Totally Embarrassing Reason

Diese Bank dürfte nur mehr wenige Tage leben. Kommt mit dem Untergang der grosse Crash?

[9:00] Deutschsprachiger Artikel dazu: Angst vor Mega-Crash: Mysteriöse Vorgänge bei Morgan Stanley



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