Mijn nieuwe huis, vakantiehuis en de auto bubble.



Beetje rijker als anderen. Verschil moet er nu eenmaal zijn.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina – via Bibliotheca Alexandrina


 De 16 meest bizarre gebouwen ter wereld

Chinese Ultra-Luxury Car Bubble Pops As 1 Year Old Used Lambo Gallardo Sells 70% Off Sticker

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/31/2012 – 11:28China Chrysler David Einhorn Ferrari Germany Hong Kong ItalyLIBOR Reality RolexRumors are circulating that reports of the demise of the Chinese auto market may be exaggerated now that even David Einhorn is forced to defend his GM long (because it “has a strong cash position” – sure, and stuffs channels like no other) however stripped of stereotypes and hype, the reality is that even the one time impregnable ultra luxury car market in China is now faltering at an ever faster pace.BusinessWeek reports: “Waiting lists for ultra-luxury cars in Hong Kong are getting shorter and used-car lots are cutting prices on Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys in the latest sign of China’s slowdown. At first glance, the numbers are deceiving: Sales of very expensive new autos surged 47 percent in the first six months, according to industry analyst IHS Automotive. Look more deeply, however, and another picture emerges, especially in the city’s used-car lots.” The picture is ugly: ““The more expensive the car, the more dry the business,” said Tommy Siu at the Causeway Bay showroom of Vin’s Motors Co., the used-car dealership he founded two decades ago. Sales of ultra-luxury cars have halved in the past two or three months, he said. “A lot of bankers don’t want to spend too much money for a car now. At this moment, they don’t know if they’ll have a big bonus.”” Sad: they should all just go to Singapore and manipulate Libor. Oh wait, too soon?

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Vakantietijd. Wie de camping in Frankrijk of allerhande stedentripjes dit jaar wil overslaan, kan zich wellicht wagen aan een toer langs de meest bizarre gebouwen ter wereld. Een overzicht.

Wonderworks – via Rusin-k

Kansas City Library (Missouri, Verenigde Staten) – via jonathan_moreau

The Crooked House – via Brocha

The Church of Hallgrimur – via Stuck in Customs

Low impact woodland house – via Simon Dale

Eden project – via Wikipedia

The Basket Building – Via Addicted Eyes

Atlantis – via Tim Olliver

Montreal Biosphere – via Wikipedia


Wooden Gagster House – via deputy-dog.com

National Theatre – via Azure Lan

House Attack – via Dom Dada

Guggenheim Museum – via disgustipado

Rotating Tower – via Dynamic Architecture / David Fisher

Stone house – via Jsome1


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