Gouden Olympische medaille; bijna een halve kilo goud!



Een paar maanden geleden dacht ik nog: Die Olympische sporters met een gouden medaille (van bijna een halve kilo) komen de depressie wel door.


400 gram goud dat is bijna 20.000 euro. In de depressie vermenigvuldigt zich dat nog tig keren. Sommige sporters zwemmen er zelfs meerdere bij elkaar en zitten helemaal op rozen. 


Ik verwacht dat menig Olympische medaille verkocht en omgesmolten gaat worden in de depressie om de levensstandaard wat draaglijker te maken. 



Verkeerd gedacht; er zit maar 6 gram goud in die patserige medaille van 400 gram.



Daily chart

Gold standards

Apr 5th 2012, 18:06 by The Economist online

What is the value of an Olympic gold medal?

THE gold medals that will be awarded in London this year will be the biggest and heaviest handed out at any summer Olympics. At 400 grams (14 ounces) they will be 17 times heavier than at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. On the other hand, the 1912 games were the last one where gold medals were made entirely of gold. Now they consist mainly of silver with a thin coat of gold—6 grams is the minimum requirement. The London medal will have a gold content of only about 1.5%, and at current prices will be worth $706. Calculations by The Economist find that this is much more than the “podium value” of any previous gold medal (based on estimates of the composition of medals and bullion prices at the time, adjusted for inflation). This is partly because gold and silver prices are now historically high and partly because this year’s medal is so much heavier, even though the extra weight is silver rather than gold. For the first time, the silver in this year’s “gold” medal is actually worth more than its gold content. Moreover, if the metal content of earlier medals is valued at today’s bullion prices, the London gold is worth only just over half of those handed out in 1912.

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