10 mandarijnen of een bakje aardbeien voor 2 euro bij de Albert Hein.


Door Global Warming zou je verwachten dat fruit goedkoper zou worden. Toch?


Door Global warming worden zonnebanken overbodig. Toch?


Lekker weertje buiten? Toch?


Je hoort niemand klagen over Global Warming en zeker niet over inflatie.


Ik heb wel eigenlijk wel zin om mandarijen te kopen, maar 2 euro voor een klein zakje met ongeveer tien mandarijnen?


Belangrijker, de grootste prijsmanipulator van zilver is hopelijk genoodzaakt om terug te treden.




s Latest Silver Smash a Result of CIO Losses Forcing JP Morgan to Unwind Silver Positions??

NASDAQ.com writer Martin Tillier has taken the JP Morgan silver manipulation story mainstream.

In a story published on NASDAQ.com Tillier writes that if rumors of JP Morgan’s manipulation of silver are true ‘and they likely are‘, The Morgue will be forced to unwind their naked silver positions in light of increased scrutiny as they cannot afford another story about excessive risk.

Tiller states that at the very least, JP Morgan will have to stop holding the market down.

Our friend TF from TFMetalsReport estimates that after Thursday’s raid, JP Morgan’s naked silver position (which as of Tuesday’s COT cutoff was approximately 17,000 contracts) could likely have been reduced to around 11,000 contracts.

Is the latest smash in silver Blythe and Jamie’s desperate attempt to extricate themselves from JPM’s naked short silver positions in order to avoid a 2nd humiliating PR SNAFU for the firm which would likely result in Dimon getting the proverbial axe???


JP Morgan: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

By Martin Tillier, NASDAQ.com

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase was recently called to testify on Capitol Hill regarding a declared $2 Billion loss on a “hedge” placed by a trader in London. Congress’s favorite Wall Street banker was given an easy ride by the Senators, but details of the loss tarnished the “squeaky clean” reputation of JP Morgan for many people. This is something potential silver investors should take note of.

There have long been rumors in the market that JP Morgan had a huge short position in silver. Many people believed that they were doing everything in their power to keep the price down to protect their position. Simply Google “JP Morgan + silver” for thousands of results. Those who denied this persistent rumor pointed to the reputation of the firm as more conservative and better behaved than the other Wall Street banks. We all know how that has played out.

Whether the rumors are true or not, and they likely are, JP Morgan’s troubles will have a positive effect on the price of silver. If they are true, the firm, in the light of increased scrutiny, will have to begin to unwind their position. They cannot afford another story about excessive risk. At the very least, they will have to stop holding the market down. They benefit enormously from being Washington’s favorite, but politicians of all stripes will change favorites faster than a 5 year old in the playground if improper manipulation of the silver market is shown to have happened.
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Een reactie op 10 mandarijnen of een bakje aardbeien voor 2 euro bij de Albert Hein.

  1. Eric Sabels zegt:

    geef je adres en ik stuur je 20 eur op voor mandarijnen te kopen ; ik heb wel een uitkering ,
    maar dit kan er wel af.

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