Economisch adviseur van Merkel aan het woord.

Mijn theorie over Duitsland blijft overeind, maar verloopt -tegenwoordig- erg moeizaam. Gelukkig komt er weer nieuws naar boven drijven. Als de crisis door blijft groeien en de huidige hulp herstelt de Europese economie niet genoeg -waardoor de Duitse economie zelf ernstig gaat lijden- dan wil Duitsland nog strakkere regels voor de PIGGS en deze zijn waarschijnlijk niet haalbaar en acceptabel van inhoud. Het vervolgens niet aanvaarden van de nieuwe regels zal als excuus kunnen gaan dienen voor Duitsland om uit de Euro en weer in de DM mark te stappen.

Merkel Economic Advisor Does Not Exclude Eurozone Break Up

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/29/2011 – 04:03 Eurozone Germany Google National Debt Precious Metals Real estate Recession Unemployment World Trade

In an interview making the rounds this morning, which appeared in German “for the people” daily Bild, one of the German Council of Economic Experts, Beatrice Weder di Mauro, who is one of five economic advisors to Angela Merkel, put it in no uncertain terms (Bild readers don’t like the kind of “political talk” other politicians are best known for) that while a breakup of the Eurozone in 2012 would be “bad for everyone involved” it can not be completely excluded. She also warned that unless the financial crisis is intercepted quickly, it can lead to a recession in Germany, with the economy contracting 0.5%, and leading to an increase in unemployment. Finally, she made it all too clear how Germany plans to deal with the PIIGS laggards: “Over-indebted euro-zone nations must submit to a long-term insolvency rule.” Now granted this was google translated, but somehow we believe it captures the essence of the underlying thought quite succinctly. In other words, Germany is once again toying with the “expulsion” nuclear option, the same one that according to UBS analysts as recently as a few weeks back, would make precious metals, tinned goods and small caliber weapons the best investment option. How this will impact the EURUSD on this day when the currency is already at a near 2011 low is unclear, but will hardly be favorable.

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