Deutsche Bank; End game is real; fasten your seatbelts.



Goede beschrijving -onverwacht open en realistisch- en geen speld tussen te krijgen.

Deutsche Bank Exercises In MADness: “Crisis Likely To Get Worse Before It Can Get Better… If Indeed It Ever Does”

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/25/2011 – 10:41 Bank Index Bond CDS China Deutsche Bank European Central Bank Fitch Germany Hungary International Monetary Fund Jim Reid Middle East Mutual Assured Destruction Portugal Reality

Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid, who has taken etudes in Mutual Assured Destruction to a level not even Leopold Godowsky would be able to execute (which is expected: DB is the one bank in Europe that has the biggest disconnect between reality and where the market trades its securities) reminds us once again that without the ECB stepping in it is all lost: “We are fast running out of options. The great hopes of the last few weeks for Europe have fallen one by one. We first had China pulling back, then a Levered EFSF scheme that has stalled before it has taken off, a powerless IMF and now yesterday we had even more insistence from Mrs Merkel that Eurobonds are not the answer and neither is a more aggressive ECB. It leaves us scratching our heads as to what the answer is.” Yet the ultimate step: the questionable integration of Europe’s countries in a union whereby they abdicate their sovereignty to Germany in exchange for the issuance of Eurobonds, is not only extremely unlikely, it will also come too late: “Should we get excited ahead of the treaty changes? The answer is that we are undoubtedly slowly moving closer to the start of a path towards fiscal union. However this process, even if it runs smoothly, will likely be a long, drawn-out, arduous journey. Unfortunately markets are moving at a much, much faster pace and we probably don’t have the time for a slow measured path towards fiscal union.” In other words, even if the ECB, and thus Germany were to relent, the markets can at best hope for a few days rally before risk tumbles off once again, only this time there will be no scapegoats aside from the bloated and terminally broken European bureaucratic engine which, when all is said and done, is the fatal flaw of the European experiment.

Duitsland laat de boel ploffen en het meest kenmerkende hiervoor -maar vaak vergeten- is de oplopende rente van Portugal en Ierland. Gestaag en weinig besproken worden deze landen aan hun lot overgelaten. Het was voor de ECB niet zo moeilijk geweest om de rente al veel eerder wat naar beneden te brengen naar meer aanvaardbare niveau’s, wat ze echter niet deden.

Een verrassing kan nu ook uit Hongarije komen waar de rente op staatsaandelen door het dak schiet. Het is geen Euro land, maar een land in de Europese unie. Hongarije zat al aan het infuus van het IMF -als ik me goed herinner- maar het helpt bar weinig. Een dreigend failliet van Hongarije gaat sterk door werken op een EU land als Oostenrijk. Het aanzien van de Europese Unie zal samen met de EU nog minder zekerheid en vertrouwen gaan uitstralen.

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