Sharks in the water.

Vanaf het laagste punt dit jaar -in maart- is de beurs bijna 70 procent gestegen!

Dergelijke stijgingen waren in de jaren dertig niet eens voorhanden en die waren uniek en extreem.

Toch gaat het beurscircus gewoon door met feesten en de banken mogen balanseren op hoger levels in de nok van de circustent, waar niemand goed kan zien hoe zij de zwaartekracht van eerlijk balanseren omzeilen.

Aus dem gleichen Midas – Blut im Wasser:

Blood in the water…and who is infected?

To all; there is plenty of blood in the water as far as currencies are concerned. The shark traders across the globe can smell this blood getting stronger everyday and have been thwarting the efforts of central banks suppressing their currencies and thus propping the Dollar. Obviously these traders know that if the Dollar is bleeding then THE way to play this is through the Gold market.

We have heard for months that foreigners want to move away from the Dollar. Last week Robert Fisk broke the immediately denied news that world economic powers gathered to mutiny the Dollar, the Dollar has moved down and Gold up over $50 since then. The point is, the markets have totally ignored the denials and for good reason. Over the weekend, the BBC news reported that China and Russia were cutting a $5+ billion energy deal NOT using Dollars but instead their own currencies! BBC also reported that these two countries wanted to do more deals together in future in their LOCAL currencies.

There can be NO as in ZERO mistaking what is happening, the world is abandoning the Dollar and everyone knows it no matter how much protesting to the contrary. The defense of the "76" level on the Dollar is foregone failure. The Dollar has gotten very little bounce while Gold has broken out and is decimating the shorts and not allowing the "dip buyers" a chance to enter. This week, next week, next month, it does not matter, the Dollar will break down at the same time a "physical failure" occurs in the metals market. The action of the market tells you that the sharks smell blood and the frenzy is about to begin.

Once this frenzy begins, I don’t believe the markets in general will be able to stay open for very long. Rumors of who is "short" metal will begin to circulate along with questions of who might be "infected" by being a counter party to these naked shorts. This witch hunt will circle the globe and fear will cascade like dominoes. For example, if "broker A" were to have "deals" with say JP Morgan or Government Sachs or another super short, they would be infected by the "naked disease" if delivery can’t be made. But what about other banks, brokers, insurance companies etc. that have traded with "broker A"? If "bank B" has traded with "broker A" then what about "bank B’s" counter parties etc.?

I can see this becoming a complete "fear fest" in the paper arena while the sharks engage in a "greed fest" in the real markets. This "greed fest" will be VERY short lived because the paper markets for real assets will themselves not be believed. "Show me the Gold, Silver, beans, oil, and yes even the beef will not only become common but will engulf ALL markets with a "real" end product. I believe that options on futures for Treasuries or Dollar swaps or whatever will become useless.

As I have said before many times, when the music stops "you have what you have and that’s all you have". Either you are positioned correctly and your positions are not paper scams or you will be like the rest of the herd, flat busted! The coming panic will be forecast by "the shark frenzy", the meltdown phase will follow quickly and happen so fast that almost no one will have time to react. Human nature is human nature. Regards, Bill H.

Die Haie holen sich jetzt das Gold. Daher sind die "Pundits" und Chartisten irrelevant.

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2 reacties op Sharks in the water.

  1. Aad Verbaast zegt:

    Wanneer gaat die rente nou eens omhoog?

  2. Hyperinflatie zegt:

    Als de goud onderdrukking faalt, en die strijd schijnt achter de schermen zeer heftig te zijn. Grote banken staan voor miljarden short in goud.
    Als goud door blijft stijgen dan moet de rente omhoog. Het schijnt in oude scenario’s die naar hyperinflatie lijden altijd zo te gaan; de vlucht naar real assets moet worden tegengehouden. De rente moet omhoog om de valuta te redden.
    Achter de schermen is alles zeer cruciaal, terwijl de gewone burger denkt dat alles weer aan het bijtrekken is en we over een jaartje weer as usual verder kunnen.
    In het artikel stond een prachtig woord trouwens; papieren arena.

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